Useful Info


Please ensure your child's sweatshirts and shoes are named - unnamed items are very difficult to match to children at the end of a session! Please provide suitable clothing for indoor and outdoor play as we attempt to go outside at every session. If your child wears wellies to pre-school please also bring shoes for them to change into.  

Dietary Needs 

Please inform us of any current or new dietary requirements that your child may have. It is important that we are made aware of any allergies or sensitivities your child may have to certain foods. 

Book Bags 

Please check these daily. Your child will have changed their reading book weekly - please ensure these are returned regularly. Book bags are also our way of passing information onto you, so they may also contain letters, information, bills or your child's work. 

Dropping, Collecting and Absence 

Please try to drop off and collect your child at the correct times - registration is at 9am each morning. If someone other than you is collecting your child please let staff know and arrange a password if you haven't already done so.

If your child is absent please phone pre-school in the morning to let us know.  

Health Issues 

Please inform us if your child develops signs or symptoms of COVID-19 and book them in for a COVID-19 test ASAP. The three signs and symptoms include a new or continuous cough, a high temperature or fever and  a loss of taste or smell. If your child has COVID-19 then you must keep your child off for at least 10 days when symptoms first appear. Anyone else in the household must also self-isolate for 10 days. For more information please look at the NHS website for more details.

Please inform staff if your child develops a chronic illness (e.g. asthma, glue ear) or anything infectious (slapped cheek, headlice). If your child feels unwell and needs pain relief such as Calpol, please keep them at home.

If your child has vomiting or diarrhoea they must be kept off for 48hrs after it has finished.  


Copies of our application form and current prospectus are available from Pre-School. 

You can also email to request a prospectus or download the relevant documents using the links below.