Our activities / topics are planned based around the EYFS framework. However, as we respond to children's interests these plans may change so please check here for a brief overview of our current themes.

Autumn Term 2020

Topic: All about me and Autumn

This term the children have been participating in activities linked to themselves for our topic 'All about me' and the season Autumn. The children have enjoyed making handprints and mixing paint to create different colours, making self-portraits, painting hedgehogs and making hedgehog models using clay and pine cones.

The children have also been participating in autumn activities involving collecting fallen leaves, making leaf collages and prints and using craft and paint to recreate and celebrate events such as Halloween, Fire Works night and Christmas. 

Spring Term 2021

Topic: Mathematics and Easter

The children have enjoyed participating in activities that involved 2D and 3D shapes. They have really enjoyed using shapes to recreate pictures and buildings, and became fantastic shape detectives at pre-school. They have increased their knowledge on 2D shapes and have learnt the names of 3D shapes.

Following on from this the children have enjoyed
participating in Easter activities such as making Easter baskets, crispy cake nests, chick cups, Easter biscuits and cards.

Summer Term 2021

Topic: Nature

The children will be learning about nature and exploring the outdoors more which will involve bug hunting, collecting wildflowers and looking for animals and their habitats.

The older children will be preparing themselves for the transition to primary school.