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Fees & Funding


Our maximum registered numbers for each day are as follows:


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 Morning Session
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 Lunch Club
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 Afternoon Session
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Devon County Council Early Years Entitlement Funding is available.

All children qualify for 15 hours per week of Early Years Entitlement Funding from the term after their third birthday. 
This Early Years Entitlement is for up to 38 weeks per year, during school term time. 
The full 15 hours must be used over at least 2 days, a minimum of 2 ½ hours and maximum 10 hours per day.

Some working parents are entitled to the extended entitlement 30 hours funding for 3 and 4 year old children.
Please see Devon County Council's Extended Entitlement 30 Hour Funding for more information.

When is my child eligible for funding?
 Children who are 3 years old betweenEYEF starts Child may start at the beginning of 
1st January - 31st March  1st AprilSummer term 
 1st April - 31st August 1st SeptemberAutumn term 
  1st September - 31st December  1st JanuarySpring term

Sessions not covered by EYEF are charged at the hourly rates of: 
£5.50 for under 3's
£5.00 for 3yrs upwards

 Fees are payable if a child is absent without notice or absent for a short time. In cases of prolonged absence, please consult the committee.
Each child’s attendance at Pre-School is conditional on payment of the necessary fees.